My drone almost crashed

3개월 전

Hello people. Yesterday I had some accident with my drone, I broke some propellers and I replaced new one but I replaced wrong and it wasn't flying properly. After some comparing with old one I saw that I got two different kinds of propellers. I replaced it and just tried going up and flying around just to see if everything works fine. It seems like everything it's okay, for now. :D My drone is beat up pretty good, but still works fine, who would thought that this little plastic thing would work after that beating. :D

While I was flying I tried to take few photos, HDR to be exact, to see how steady my drone is. Everything went fine, I merged few photos and got perfect alignment! Here are few photos just to show you that everything works fine, I went up to the sky pretty high, wind didn't make it unstable. I'm honestly surprised!

Enjoy and see y'all tomorrow. :)




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Almost crashing is one of the worst feelings ever. I was flying mine in Thailand out over the ocean once and I lost control of it for about 5 minutes and had no clue where it was. Luckily my go to home button still worked and then it came back to me.

Great shots.


That's a great feature on drones. I tried return to home feature and it works great, it missed target just few centimeters. :D

Thank you! :)