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Do you know why it's okay to just pen your thoughts down?

Among the many people within the different forms of arts, writers are particularity the class am a bit sure are allowed to just pen down what they feeling as opposed to just coming up with something extra-ordinary new or fresh per see. To be perfectly sure of this sudden turn of discussion, let's take into consideration the authors who owns space in the newspaper, referred to as articles.

The newspaper will hold a series of information and not just only what's trending within certain region but more so specific authors have columns for their respective fields which they are more superior with or bit much involved in. Perfect example here locally I do have a favorite column that's called 'A Surgeon's Diary which entirely claims it's readers from a class that's not so close to the fun-making at the moment of reading. Full of humor but hidden deep within and you cannot get a pinch of it out of the fly-reading on the bold and capitalized letters but an in depth of the full article to correctly join the laughter dots.

That is not even a percentage of the topic at hand.

A writer will just start off things and right in the middle of the story, imaginations coupled with creative-side of them will tricles in and the game continues. You may read such a column or article for day after day and actually the morale to read it all along will go up in a whisk, so get used to it, one day there's an idea or solid topic to write on and the other day it's purely a series of thoughts to be read, just like today.

Abrupt End?

Maybe maybe not. But sad that I did't have that wild topic o write on rather I decided to explore what every other writer does when that block is on the way, pen down their thoughts.

Saw some major improvements on steemworld.com.

Screenshot from 2020-07-17 23-10-03.png

Not sure if it's me or the look been the same but this actually the first day am seeing all this glamour in the amazing tool we all must have widely used over our entire steem life, the tool is proudly made by @steemchiller.

Still drafting on how to 'fund' my journey

Seeing so much success with you all but as it's said, better late than never. I hope too one day just like any of you m readers to live off your steem efforts. Perhaps when sufficient curators spots my blog and decides to spray in some goodness, I'll have enough brag rights to do some unboxing and show off of the gifts purchased of my efforts here on steemit.

If the above dream is realized, I'll as well go full capacity on volunteer/charity visit within say after every 2 months courtesy of your support, so go ahead if you did enjoy my read - comment, upvote, support, etc for a major development.

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