MY FIRST POST ONTO -> REDFISH RALLY 100 CURATION CHALLENGE - Week 1: MAY 1 - 10, 2020 || MEET @misschance

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So the amazing team at @theterminal saw it fit sometimes bak in the past moons to help tiny authors t not only get exposure but as well get featured hence supported in this race of time to bwing dolphins and orcars and presumably they gave me an opportunity hence this post.

You can check the announcement for this edition here and maybe if the rules fits you, make a move and let's grow together.
And in this category I got featured among other six giants namely

So maybe you can as well visit their respective blog sites and send them up the ladder too in any preferred way from your end.

Meet the amazing @misschance

You may call her Miss. Switzerland by default of her location on her blog but again Miss. Strong one would best fit her, supported by the following bit about her.

The post she announces her mighty comeback after a series of fights she've won health-wise and mentally.

Maybe we'd have stated with telling her some lovely message specially that she has been fighting depression and other health threat and she in one way or the other managed to ace the war and that's why we have her back bigger and ready to tackle on life with the strength called for.

Okay , bit late but from the photograph shared on the above linked post - she's pretty much beautiful and for a person undergoing such severe parts of life we get to admit that she's strong and awesome for the war and maintaining the grip.

Visit her blogpost and show some love

Well, that's a tiny bit about her and judging from a afar, we can agree that indeed she needs our love and so am requesting you to follow her along and drop a word or two to keep her strong in 'the walk to freedom' (In Mandela's voice)

You may need to check out :

and get to converse with bigger like minded persons.

Thank you for visintig my blog and I hope to get your hand into my journey.
See you in a moment, let's keep the conversation going.

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