With the same stone - by @nachomolina | Original poetry |

2개월 전
With the same stone

Author: @nachomolina
Original Poetry

How many times did I have to step on love
stand on ruins of a past life
what was dewdrop and honey
became bitter from a poisoned soul

Good proposal to leave on that trip
look at everything from the airplane window
miles away on the circumference
the shattered city laughs at my disappointment

Without turning back, there is no reason to walk in ashes
that stumbling block where I ever fell
leaves an indelible mark that when you see it
would never again allow to fall

No need to carry luggage
When we recover a life we ​​only need love,
a blindfold and a box of memories,
because the wounded heart is blind and full of resentment

The sacred skin, the subtle surrender,
the grape between lips that gradually dries up,
sheets that shelter the bodies that burn,
How many times did I have to step on love
and trip over the same stone twice...



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