Moly My DTIYS Entry

6개월 전

Moly unleashing the skull lantern

Hello guys, This is my version of Moly which is the subject for this Draw This In Your Style Contest organised by @grisvisa. I used a washable color pencil in brown on a sketchbook. That's how simple the technique is. I want to try traditional drawing style this time although I am also dabbling in pixel art lately. I love the dark and woody effect I achieve using this brown washable pencil.
By the way here is the reference drawing that we need to recreate provided and made by @grisvisa herself. The reference character looks cute and nice but I noticed that she got those little protrusions on her head. Hmmm perfect for the look I have in mind. A dark Moly.

Here are some photos to show you the progress of my drawing:
Using a washable pencil in brown I sketched the image that I was going for. She is not cute but chunky and woody and dark. Her clothes quite old and dingy.
After the line drawing I added a bit of shading on some parts as my guide for my source of light.
I dipped a cotton bud in water and started smudging the line drawing to give it some color and depth. It was not easy to control the flow of water compared with a brush. Unfortunately I couldn't achieve the wash effect for some reasons.
Retrace some blurred lines after the smudging so I won't lose them. If I have a different color for my pencil it would be better so I can add some highlights. Yellow or pale blue or white would be nice.
Here is a closer shot of Moly. The sketchbook is big for my phone and I couldn't get a clear shot sorry for that. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post. Until next time

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