Starry Galaxy

6개월 전

You guessed it right, this pixel art is inspired by the famous van Gogh painting Starry Night. It was a debate whether to depict the galaxy theme using pretty much the outer space or take it from an earthling perspective. I chose the former because I don't want to work with endless speckles on a blue canvas 😅... I want to see some familiar detail like distant trees.
I am using dotpict app to create this contest entry for Pixel art contest 5 by @kristyglas. I think I used 64x64 canvas 🤔


I don't have a reference photo other than the thought of the van Gogh painting. It is looking like a cross stitch pattern here as I divide the sky with differing hues of blue. Dotpict app is limited with color palettes and I am using what is free to use.
On a closer look I am loving the little tiles as I try my hands to use the dithering technique on this area of the canvas
I'm quite happy to see the canvas filled
The work has just started. I had to focus on the little space dust details and was not able to save a process photo for that. It is the clean up and trying what could work that consumed much of my time.

If you like what you see kindly show it some love. If you want to know more about pixelart join the community. Thank you.

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