27.May - A special offer from the holiday against hand


Place: Schafalp, Vrin, Grisons, Switzerland
Period: from about 5 June 2020 for 1-2 weeks

Hello, everyone,
we are looking for someone for our Schafalp in the Swiss mountains who would like to spend 1-2 weeks in a beautiful alpine hut.

We have two alpine huts. Your task would be to take care of 3 chickens and 2 cats and to check the sheep fence from time to time. There is also plenty of time to enjoy nature and maybe a helicopter flight. It is an advantage that you are mountainous. The huts are rather not suitable for families.

We are looking forward to your answers.

Michael and Sandra

Orinal contribution at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/urlaub.gegen.hand/permalink/2552056578388719/

Holidays against hand belongs to NesoMi - network social togetherness. This group has about 130.000 active members.

What is holiday against hand ?

Not everybody has the possibility to afford a nice holiday. Or the desire to sit alone in a hotel room. Some also prefer to work in their free time rather than visiting cities or lying on the beach. On the other hand, there are people with big plans for house, yard or garden and always far too little time. Some may just be looking for a little company. Others don't want to give their beloved pet to a pet hotel during the holiday season, but would still like to travel. image.png "Holidays against hand" is like a mixture of work & travel and neighbourhood help.

The principle of holiday against hand
The principle can bring together a wide variety of interests: helping on the farm, permaculture cultivation, painting sheds or house sitting. Positive experience reports show that Urlaub gegen Hand has already brought many people together and made them happy. At last there is a holiday in it, the animals are well cared for, a work is done that has waited far too long for implementation. Despite all the euphoria for the great offer: The Facebook page of NesoMi only allows getting to know each other.

Security or basis of trust?
Security can't be guaranteed - a good portion of trust and the realization that it might not be a good idea to go on holiday with a hand is required. For a meeting to be successful, both sides should know as exactly as possible what they are getting into. In addition to a great deal of openness, it is also advisable to formulate exactly what you want from your UgH. If you are making an offer, you should make sure that the desired work is manageable so that the holiday aspect is not neglected.

In order to get a first impression of the potential guest or host, it can also be useful to take a look at the Facebook page of the person opposite. After the first contact, a lot should be written and/or spoken, a few pictures will certainly help. All in all, Urlaub gegen Hand is a great way to get to know other people, do something new, do something meaningful or even meet foreign cultures. You should just try it - it's worth it! The lyrics are written by Francis from the NesoMi Texter Team

All proceeds are used exclusively for NesoMi e.V..
NesoMi - Network social interaction e.V.
Friedrichrodaer Weg 21
99894 Friedrichroda OT Finsterbergen

There is always the possibility to get information about the projects on site, by appointment and to see what happens with the money.

What are the goals of NesoMi?

#Areas where we want to become active:#

  • Holidays for destitute people (permanent renting of holiday homes, contact to commercial landlords in order to be able to rent properties at short notice and at a reduced price in case of booking gaps or in the low season)
  • Holidays for people with a handicap (permanent renting of holiday properties, contact with commercial landlords to be able to rent properties at short notice and at a discount in case of booking gaps or in the low season)
  • Leave for people who have suffered a stroke of fate (for example, coping with grief - trained social workers are to provide care if s is desired)
  • Small events for lonely people (mediation of contacts via various platforms, subsidisation of meetings in smaller or larger settings)
  • Neighbourhood assistance
  • Voluntary help in old people's & nursing homes.

**These are just some of the things we'd like to do.

! []

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