Dew drops

10개월 전

On this occasion I present a photographic series that I made with my mobile a few days ago in one of my last exits, taking advantage of the drops of water that the night dew left on the leaves and herbs.

DSC_0054  copia.jpg

This sheet caught my attention for its heart shape and the set of drops on it that makes it a unique and visually striking scene.

DSC_0051  copia.jpg

Some drops shine thanks to the light they are receiving, while others are transparent.

DSC_0046  copia.jpg

In this scene the water drops look like diamonds or pearls and not just a few drops.

DSC_0052  copia.jpg

Small drops of water forming a micro aquatic world.

DSC_0053  copia.jpg

The macro photography allows us to appreciate those small details that otherwise we could not observe in such detail, an example were these photographs of water drops on the leaves

Images of my authorship, taken with Sony Xperia.

Nicanor-mosquera cristal.png

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