Heaven in Earth



Generally, people assume that mustang is the place where god and depart soul stay. Muktinath is the temple where you can wash your all bad karma and sin. There is altogether 108 water springs, if you bath there all the sin you had done in your life till now will be vanish. I cannot do bath because the temperature is around -7 degree. It approximately took 10 minute in horse riding from bus park to muktinath temple. Despite of cold temperature some of my colleague took bath in water spring.

Me in the yellow scarf.
This is the photo with my colleague and teacher in front of the Muktinath temple after worshipping the GOD.


After experiencing the awesome movement we visit the Dumba lake i realize that we saw the heaven before we die.
The surrounding is full of peace , expect the sound of wind and birds we didn't hear any voice there. In Front of the lak there in only one coffee shop where we drank coffee.
This is the picture of my friend i click her photo.
After visiting the lake we clicked the photo again with our colleague to make the movement memorable
photo_2020-05-06_04-33-39 (3).jpg
After visiting the lake we move forward to the jomsom for night stay. We stopped the bus near to the marfa and the view is mindblowing.
We reached the hotel about 7 Pm. At morning we clicked the photo from the peak the sunrise view is awesome. After having some snacks and tea we headed toward the lumle. Sunrise shot from the peak near to our hotel.

photo_2020-05-06_04-33-38 (2).jpg

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