Swan family at Saaremaa

2개월 전

Hi! I am currently staying in Kuressaare, the main city of the Estonian island Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea. While taking my morning walking routine by the shore at a marvellous sunny day, I suddenly saw two large white spots and stood still not to scare the birds away. A second later I realized that the two swans were resting together with their kids.

photo_2020-08-01 08.58.45.jpeg

I used to see young grey swans before, but they had been fully grown and able to fly. And these guys were still so tiny. I carefully made two steps closer; one of the big swans raised his head a little but then calmed down. I made the picture and strode away.

I enjoy this kind of encounters with wild animals. The essential thing is not to interfere with their daily life if they don't urgently need help.

Have a good day everyone!

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