Murdered on Video: Living in an Unsafe World of Race purging!

5개월 전


The death of George Floyd could span a revolution after so many extra judicial police killings all over the world. The United State have recorded more racial profiled murder of Blacks and Spaniards more than the rest of the world, maybe a White Supremacy strategy or just an ill luck for the victims killed. The revolution has begun and it could trigger a huge change in most countries that looks up to the US.

At this point, I refuse to believe its just a case of rogue police, watching the video of how George was killed triggered several instances that proves a grandier plot against the inferior ones considering the Globalist and the elite eugenics approach of purging the world.

Police brutality is not a new thing, in fact its more common like in the United States in other countries, Nigeria has a wide spread of police killings but it could be likened to an unstable mental state of cops who earn like a peasant and expected to fight crime at all fronts. Not making a case for these lots but its a more different case as compared to any developed Nations where only a specific skin colour have been subject to killings for decades long. It is more horrific as these cops walked free despite being caught live on different undoctored video footages at varying points as a evidence, yet most of the killers are not facing due punishment for their crimes against humanity.

***So there's only one possible explanation, are these cops following a protected direct command from the top of the society(NWO) chain? ***

A video went viral on YouTube about a cop who stopped a white woman in her car, She was heard saying she's too afraid to put her hands down off the steering when the officer beckoned, she said and I quote " I can put down my hands, I have sewn videos of people been killed". The cop responded in a twisted and strangely voice " calm down, we only kill Blacks, have you seen or heard of any white that we have killed"? Though he was fired from the force after the video recorded from the body cam of another cop leaked, but then that points to the fact that these killers in uniform are on some form of purging assignment, cleaning off those they deemed unworthy to live out for the world and sparing the some others deemed worthy.

In 2019, the Independent paper UK reported that close to 1000 people, civilians are shot dead by cops both on and off duty yearly and most of these happy trigger men of the forces walk free by either suspension or being stripped of their badges, no death penalty or jail term even at the glaring evidence of unnecessary and uncalled for police brutality. Fact is, there seems to be some form of protection against these murders in the line of duty, and that is why the figure remains unchecked year in year out where police are caught on camera slaughtering innocent civilians who happens to be the exact same race falling victims over time.

The demise of Mr.Floyd was just another out of thousands, his case was been pressured for National reasons due to the video leak. A man begging for his life for over six minutes while two fully grown adult choked life out of him could not be easily swept under the rug. The outrage had started riots in some cities and that is something a country like the United State cannot afford to handle amidst a global pandemic that seems to have been orchestrated by the same group of people responsible for the purging of some race.

Considering the Gates, Soros, Cliton's many exposed but unprosecuted agendas of depopulating the World and sparing the fittest, then you would wonder why why police brutal killings never goes punished. These people working at all fronts creating Wars and pandemic that suits their plans, protecting officers who specialized in wiping out some set of people is just a piece of chess pawn for them. Maybe this would be their undoing, the death of George Floyd could mastermind a full blown civil unrest that might expose these Globalist and their many plans for purifying humanity!

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