​What do you do to get over your disappointments?

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Our lives might never remain the same again for years to come, its one of those hard realities that comes with the present state of the world. It has started happening to some of us, the failures, coming short in so many things we planned for, losing money or jobs, ultimately, losing someone you love to the virus. These things could scar us for life and individuals must have a way of getting back up and recovering from those dents in our lives especially the avoidable shortcomings caused by the global pandemic.

Like stated above, disappointment may come in different forms and degrees, so does failures. Not just losing jobs or someone or maybe failing people around us, you could invest a lot on something and not make any returns or good yield on it. For example, being denied an application, not getting into a program you have prepared or spend a lot of money on, or not getting loans or grants you have initially qualified for. All these are many shades of failure and it could be very disappointing to an individual and could be life changing.

However, getting over it is the difficult part for each and everyone who has been turned down or rejected at something or somewhere pre or post this global pandemic. Not fulfilling promises to those dear to us could be one of the biggest failures that haunts us for a lifetime, trust me, I have been there before!

Alcohol was my getaway when I lost my mom strangely and tragically, I became an alcoholic because I couldn't sleep for months and the only way I get some Shuteye is drinking myself to an induced sleep. I Still do that occasionally when I have a bad day or lost a deal, maybe a bad investment or crypto trading gone wrong, or perhaps a promise that was never fulfilled. Although, I am not an alcoholic anymore thanks to a friend who helped me out greatly.

So recently I got another share of disappointment, and I have been mopping around for the last 24hours since I got the email. I'm being tempted to soak it all in with some liquor, but I still want to know how do you get over your own disappointments? Do you wallow in self pity like me for far too long or you dust it off to give it a go again? There are things that works for everyone no matter how bad, drugs works for some, some junk food, some cooking or working out. To some, they cry their heads off, while some resort to video games, movies and some sleeps their sorrow away.

How do you get over yours, what works for you?

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