Blood is think than water


I thought it is just a wind but I can feel the cold breeze which made me go for my sweater wear and get back to sleep. Not so long the electricity power supply took off the electric light 💡 and then the heavy rain ☔ started as if it was stone that is raining on the roof


I couldn't sleep again, it was around 2:00am, then my sister came out of her own room to check on me if I am fine (as if I am a kid) are you ok she asked me and I replied I am fine. She waited more minutes watching me sitting down, I want to lie down and go back to sleep but the noise on the roof didn't let me but I have pretend as if I have sleep so my sister would go back to her room

If I didn't sleep she won't sleep, She always make me understand that blood is thicker than water, she do treat me like a fragile unlike she treat others.

No one can ever be like your own blood

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