Now THAT Was a Night!

25일 전

And we were only there a couple of hours!

Basically, we could have harvested a lot more. At the moment, some of the suckers are heading up the streams from the lake to spawn. It seems like it is just getting started, but it's definitely on! With a couple of Little-Peppers shooting and a friend too, we piled them up quickly tonight. If we had the desire, we could have easily doubled this harvest, but since we still have to clean and can them, this pile was "enough work" for the time being. Soon enough, we'll be back at it. We might share a video later too, but for now, enjoy the photos!


Until next time…

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You sale that fish or just make it food for your family? You and Your family doing bowfishing everynight I think. There's so many fish in that lake. cool.


Use it for food for us, or trade it with others for different canned goods.


double business double income hahaha wow cool. Here in the philippines we call it a sardines.


Wow, this is amazing.
you get it very much my friend .......

Wow, I really like a lot of fish and want to see first hand.

So crazy!!

Oh my good, what a collection! Is this carf fish? I enjoyed, waiting for fish catching video!

Wow fish color is very nice.First time I see this fish.