Forget Cash , I have Steem.



I have been using crypto refills product since long ago. Bitrefil is one of my my Favourite Crypto Refill sit. And during this Lockdown i mostly depend on this.

What are crypto refills?
Crypto Refills is the way of paying bills and purchasing gift card , premium subscription , purchasing mobile data packages , it also provides amazon , ebay giftcards too using crypto like bitcoin , ethereum , litecoin , dogecoin etc...


I use Dogecoin while purchasing on Butrefill. Why Dogecoin?-> Dogecoin for low fees . But i have to exchange my crypto to dogecoin .So even if i have 10$ of crypto with all trading fees and withdrawal fee i will be having 8-9$ in Dogecoin and 1-2$ is lost in fees.
Having STEEM in Bitrefill or in any other Crypto Refill will be really money saving. I STEEM blockchain runs on zero fee transaction so if i want to.have my mobile recharge i will not have to change STEEM to DOGE which will save all those extra fees and time too. Also the speed of Transaction is too quick and i Don't have to check the Transaction of each and every confirmation.

How to add STEEM on these crypto refill agencies
I don't know , yep really i don't know . I looked up support on Bitrefill but as their FAQ they said coin are added as per use of users . Then what can we do to add STEEM. You guys can give some advice in the comments section but my answer is creating polls and letting these crypto refill know about STEEM. For these we can call STEEM on their twitter account email them and create a poll by tagging all these best crypto refills agencies.

Why choose Bitrefil
For me Bitrefil is best crypto refills out there it support all countries , supports all most every shops , games voucher , giftcards , online hotels , Netflix , Amazon , Apple ,Vodafone, Airtel , Google Play Store etc.. there are many you can see by visiting thier site

You can suggest me any other crypto Refill sites which might be better than bitrefil , i would really be happy because as i said above i mostly depend on these sites for paying my internet , mobile network , Netflix bills .

If are new to crypto and STEEM try this if you have little money on crypto but can't withdraw it to your hand . You can buy most of the things that you can do with your cash on your hand .

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I really like this post because this is the way we should be thinking, ie how to develop or find solid use cases for Steem. The most important thing to me to drive adoption of a cryptocurrency is ease of use and utility. Right now cryptocurrency is to complicated and once you do all the work of figuring g it out you may find you can’t buy anything with it. That’s why most crypto millionaire stories end in “ I cashed out my tokens to USD and lived happily ever after”. Because most people are not able to buy the stuff they need with their crypto. Now while there are examples of projects where you can use Bitcoin to buy everything like the South Brisbane Airport, these are limited in scope as we can’t all go shopping in Brisbane.

However it’s these non-sexy programs like gift card purchases with crypto or crypto debit cards which feature a feature where you deposit or load the card with crypto and spend cash or euros on debit card purchases. Those programs have high utility and high ease of use, and most importantly they bring utility. Utility is to me the holy grail of cryptocurrency mass adoption.

The second reason I like this post is because you also mention a very important issue transaction costs. The funny thing about being in the Steem blockchain is that because our transactions are free, we don’t think about transaction costs and we don’t see what a big plus this is for Steem. Currently just about all other altcoins have transaction fees, even Doge Coin! Which ironically has as one its high value points its low transaction fees. So low that there were Doge Bitcoin pairs earlier then many other more expensive coins because Doge is used to move Bitcoin from point A to Point B cheaply, and you buy Bitcoin yo purchase another Altcoin. Ironically there are Zi believe tons of Doge transactions everyday for this reason. Many Altcoins weren’t on big exchanges and transferring your Bitcoin to those small exchanges cost a lot in mining fees, so instead people conveyed to Doge, transferred them Foge and then converted back to Bitcoin. It was surprisingly cheaper then just moving the Bitcoin.

Do I think you have stumbled upon? Or searched and found something significant and the process by which Steem could be adopted on this platform is worth researching.

Thanks for the information.


Yeah, people hold big crypto but they choose the crypto with less value and fees while doing transcation and don't give a shit about development of those coins .
And as for development , Steem and Hive should be really on these above mentioned like projects . I mean what is the use of only keeping crypto and paying all your bill with cash that you have to get by going to bank and waiting a long line(queue) .
How it would be if people sitting on chair post on DeFi income sites and order food , purchase their need and pay their bill sitting on that same chair with just only moving their finger?

BTW thanks for your time .