Be a Morning Person

9개월 전

Morning time for a lot of people can really be a pain in the ass.

Every day, the challenge of waking up again begins with a bleary tribute to sleeping less. The truly damning thing about the morning is how important it really is. Yes, they are often an underrated part of your life that is more successful. The productivity tip today is to take your ass out of bed in the morning.

Tell me if you're familiar with this. You have a job from 9:00 am until Monday-Friday. The morning routine begins at 7:00 am (if you’re a guy who shifts to 7:30 am) with your alarm. You may even snooze more at least 3 times depending on whether you went out to have drinks the night before.

Finally, you stand up, look up for a few minutes into the mirror, then you decide to get ready for a day that includes the collection of your clothes, showering, collecting the working material you need, and perhaps if you have time, you take something to eat (half the time you forget this step). You think to yourself, "Deceit, why did I not take time to scrap my windows?"

The reality is you don’t have time to scrap a small bar of ice off the forefront window so you get to look a little slit. It could be fitting to drive a tank, except that you actually drive a Honda. You're getting into the car and you’re going to work.

You ask god not to encounter bad traffic, a train crossing, etc. during your trip. Your trip takes around 30 minutes, but you want to go for about 20 minutes and hope to hit the road perfectly and get into some places where you can ride very hard. When you get to work, it’s time to begin or begin 5 minutes ago.

You have no plan for your day because you didn’t have time and now you need to start working. The whole day passes with the day running you vs you running the day. During the day when you skip meetings, you forget to do stuff that you remembered the day before, assignments are late, the supervisor is at your mercy about a previous proper job. In short your personal productivity is terrible.

The issue for me was I couldn’t get my butt out of bed in the morning, so it ruined my desire to be as successful as I liked. Many days, my productivity was absolutely connected to chance. Every day I hoped the stars would perfectly align to get things going.

I became infamous because I was not a guy in the morning. Friends would laugh about it and say their favorite, "the one time the I got Brandon up in the morning", tales. Then a funnier thing happened, I decided to grow up a little (just a little) and change the way I treated the mornings.

It has drastically changed the way my day is conducted and has significantly increased my personal success in all areas of my life, emotionally, professionally, socially etc.

There are still a lot of people who will read this and relate to this story because they had this same encounter just this morning. The same people will also wonder why they don’t get to places on time and why they always seem stubborn in trying to achieve things. In some instances, this action can harm a reputation. Because I was there, I remember.

If your day doesn’t go the way you want it, the good news is you control the situation. One of the best ways to get your day going is to arrive at the right time. This means getting up earlier in many situations.

It will suck at first and you won't like it, but it'll be better once you get into the routine. So start tomorrow morning by promising to get up half an hour earlier than usual and see what your day is doing and who knows you can become the morning person that anyone else wants to punch in the face.

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