Seasons In The Sun - Nauky Avenue, kharkov, Ukraine

5개월 전

I woke up early morning and realized that today is going to be a long hot day. The weather was dry with less humidity and I was feeling dehydrated. Whenever I feel dehydrated, I become sick easily because I feel the lack of water into my body. Also, noticed that my indoor garden plants need more water including my orchids. These hot heat days will last the next few days according to the weather update.

Today, I have spent one of the busiest days of the entire year. I was away from home all day, went to a village close to the Russian border, went to a government office for paperwork, and so on. So, I knew it is going to be a long tiring summer day...


Naukova or Nauky Avenue is one of the important avenues of Kharkiv. It is very close to the city center and very famous for medical universities and for the government and all kinds of offices. Basically this is a commercial avenue through residential apartments that are available here as well. Rent or cost of the lands, apartments are not cheap at all and one of the expensive areas of Kharkiv city so far.

As I have mentioned that I had to finish some paper works from here so I went there. Not very far from my home but I always take the metro to reach there. 20 minutes drive from my home I guess.

I saw this bicycle stand today and I was thinking about who rent them. Basically, this trend of hiring a bicycle is new here, it started from last year and many people enjoy riding bike during summer, so they take a rent bike. Obviously, there are some conditions and you can take them according to hours. This rented bicycle stand is not available everywhere in Kharkiv city, only available at few important places.


I found this graffiti fascinating, A twisted cat, kind of abstract form indicating lunch and work zone. What do you guys think about this mural? Let me know...



The parks are empty, only a few people were walking during day time, most of the people are either going to the office or work. Obviously, it's the middle of the day so the crowd will be less... In the afternoon, this area becomes one of the busy areas of Kharkiv.



Less traffic but the streets were not empty at all. The outdoor area of the restaurants is empty though which happened because of the Pandemic. Less crowd, last year these sitting areas used to be full.


Summer is incomplete without summer drinks and it's mandatory to keep your body hydrated always. I bought a strawberry iced mojito for myself, it was delicious.

I just wrote 40% of my day, I will share more posts on an upcoming day. The next few days will be busy and then I will be free and will be able to write some excellent posts for you...

Till then, stay blessed...




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Very nice post! Wonderfully explained about atmosphere

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that cat looks a bit frightening to me, honestly, although it is an interesting visual concept indeed. thank you for sharing some pictures and thoughts...