2개월 전


The leaves of the trees keep falling to the ground,
the doves fly in flocks through the sky,
giving us a beautiful landscape,
the little birds keep delighting us
with their beautiful concerts.

The clouds continue to vent their sorrows.
The kittens play happily.
The parks are sad,
the streets desolate and clean
and the sky blue, almost transparent.

What do we do while the time is still passing?
We are playing hide-and-seek
without having wanted to play,
in order to survive.

We are losing our patience
while our conscience goes numb.
We go against the clock,
waiting, lethargic.

Once again
we will have to get up after the fall.
Because we can,
because we are strong,
because in spite of everything,
we have not lost hope.

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Photo taken with
my cell phone camera
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

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Me encanto todo desde principio a fin, la foto de la capital ese atardecer espectacular, las hojas cayendo bello.......

Felicitaciones que lindo