To keep in mind, some important tips to avoid the spread and contagion of COVID-19

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I would like to share some important tips to prevent the spread of Coronavirus 2020.

The first thing to note is that you should stay in your home, unless it is strictly necessary to go out and buy food, medicine, etc. And to do this, you need to bring a personal hygiene kit.

1.- When you arrive at your home, leave your shoes at the entrance and use inside your home, others that you have not used on the street and try to have alcohol sprayed on the soles of your shoes and all their surfaces, in order to kill any bacteria. Remember that there are a lot of bacteria on the floor, because on the street floor, people spit and there is a lot of dirt.

1.1.- Having those shoes just to go out on the street. Just one pair.

Remember that the virus can last several hours in clothes and textiles.

2.- It' s advisable to use disposable gloves when you go out. If you do not have one, it is important to always have the bottle of antibacterial with you.

Likewise, try not to touch handrails, walls or any surface in any commercial premises. If you do, immediately use your antibacterial, even if you have gloves. Put some on the gloves and rub it with them.

And if you can't find disposable gloves in drugstores anymore, wash yours thoroughly with liquid soap so you can reuse them.

3.- When you ride in their car, keep a pack of wet towels handy, so you can keep the steering wheel, gearshift lever, dipped beam and hand brake clean.

4.- Disinfect the phones and keyboards of our PCs, as well as the remote control of our televisions and everything you normally touch with your hands, with alcohol and anti-bacterial in the case of cell phones, because remember that these are infectious sources.

5.- Try to stay calm, as stress lowers your defenses and weakens your immune system, making you more likely to be infected.

6.- Be very careful with who you interact with (avoid meetings as much as possible) and a distance with people of approximately 1 meter and a half, since we do not know who may be infected because the virus takes about 15 days to manifest itself as such, because initially, it manifests itself as a simple flu.

7.- Don't touch your face while you are on the street and always place the antibacterial in your hands and after placing it in your hands, clean the bottle of antibacterial with the same product, to try to make everything you touch as clean as possible.

8.- Use a mask if you are infected or have the flu. Some doctors say it is not necessary to wear a mask if you are healthy, but another people think it is better to be safe than cry later.

9.-Don't greet anyone with kisses, hugs or handshakes. Avoid any kind of physical contact.

Keep yourself safe!!!

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