New dream

2개월 전

It’s been a bad time. It’s a hard time for Bangladesh but, we don’t want to lose our hope. We will think to be more passionate and more hopeful because we know that life is running for long run. Man and woman, never know what is waiting for them on the track.

We are here with new dream because we know that after this war we will have to run again. We may be tiered but there is no time for rest. There is no time for better and best. The only way to be happy is continue running .


Let's fight together Against this virus. This virus killed almost 300 million people of this world. The earth is in big problem. All the scientists are trying to work on the invention of the anti trude. No one know when they will get the theory but I Don't wanna lose my hope. I Don't think without money nothing is possible whenever I came here in this block chain I always told that it is very easy to detect the intention of life.


I guess I have done it. But, It need to do a hard work. It need to be more active. I Don't know what our government is thinking at this moment but, I am happy with my government because, I didn’t think to cary a government is so easy. That's the fact that's the way I need to be more powerful and that's need to be more active.

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