The beauty of nature


The creator is beautiful. Nature is also beautiful. Nature is the most beautiful symbol from the creator. Each and every people living must have to thanks to the creator for this beautiful nature. Everyone should love and respect the creator for the beautiful nature.

Everytime when I look at the glower I love and respect to the good.

Thanks to good Because we got such kind of beautiful world. That's it. Life, is a short time journey.


Today when I went to the leak we make gossip with my friends, some of my friends was told about the creation and the beauty. Have we ever feel the beauty of rain. Have we ever seen the nature and the fact with whome we can devide the beauty of nature. Nature is a authentic creation. It never die or the beauty of nature must never be told.


I love the moment when I see a flyit bird. I can enjoy blooming Water lily in the very first morning. It always help me to feel better and to love life. Life is too much beautiful. Life is a track of journey. It’s necessary to walk so that people can touvh his destiny at the first moment of their life.

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