Thousands will die


All the Vehicles are allowed to run on highway. It’s suicidal for Bangladesh. But nothing to do. Government has tried to stop but covid is too much cruel. It is sems like we couldn’t be able to find out a man who can treat our patients. it’s a third world country so, it’s not a big deal but we must pay a big depth. I Don't know what is going or what will come for our fortune.


Train is a government transport that's why they have decided to give lose on this service. But, public transport like bus and others don’t think to lose their money. Thats why they think to take more money. This is the reason travel cost is increasing day by day. That's the reason, people are waiting for the worst hug of death.

Each and everyday people are dying in Bangladesh. Not only Bangladesh, it’s occoraing all over the world Working is too mucg tough at this moment. People are so much helpless and all are thinking to be more attractive on buisness and other job. If, the vexin come then. It will be a turning point. Otherwise we do think that our life and we all will die. The human of the world will lose their sign. It is the fact and. At this moment staying home is the only medicine.


So, guys stay home and be safe. Pray for us. We are fallen in trap cause we don't have enough food to eat. That's why people coming out so that they can have a job to feed their family.

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