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Nowadays, undoubtedly we are going through a very tough time and many people are going through their worst nightmare in their life. But thanks to those people who are coming forward in this hard time. After all we are for each other. In this hard time we need to show what humanity really means? How a single person can make a difference?

Any sort of help that you do towards others that can be considered as charity. No matter how big or small that is. Even if you do not get rewarded something good is awaiting for you and that will come towards you in ways that you have not really imagined before. If you have done this kind of acts than I believe you are aware of that feeling and if not you probably have not noticed it any way. Good deeds always comes back and so does bad ones.

On the other hand, some people do not really care about the return, they like to help without anything tied. I tend to respect them much more than I can say in words. Keep on going guys as humanity needs people like you at this point of the time.

This time is really difficult that goes without saying. If I can be of help I tend to do it with my consent but not for showing off or making the person in front of me (who I am helping) look down upon thyself. Some people's common sense has really gone down to gutter. Apologies for my harsh words but that is the truth. The other day I was watching a report where a needy person is being given some help but there were more than 10 people handing it over and their were photo sessions. Hard to imagine was it a help in need or advertisement. I can not blame them neither I am complaining I am just saying the person who you are supporting or helping, just think about that person what he/she is going through. The amount of humiliation you are making that person go through that is far more worse than not giving any help.

My intention is not for hurting anyone, I am just trying to make some people realize how tough it is for some people to come in front of camera in this tough moments. They are a victim of situation! If you want to help, help them in ways where they do not feel humiliated. After all you are giving away and there should be nothing tied to it.

If you can than be a part of something good. No matter how small it is. As every support counts and every actions counts. Money is not the only way to show support. When we see some actions are being done, spread the news that can also help , who knows your actions can bring support to someone who is in need! Let us make it happen!


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