My own creation || Floor decoration with flowers and paints!

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I always have a great interest in art and crafts. Every single form of art and craft attracts me. Especially when it comes to decorating a house or any event, like any family function I try to add something creative from my side. I may not be a very creative one but when I get a chance I try to do something creative.

It was the last day of our Honors degree. The day of our farewell. We had a grand evening with different cultural events and many more to celebrate the last day of our University graduation. Some of us got the chance to do the decore of the program. And I took the part to decore the hallway.



The program took place on Teachers and students center of the University of Dhaka. This was the entrance to the conference room. I use several flowers, dia (clay candle), decorative cloths, and leaves. It was such a good experience. But you can understand how stressful the day was for me. When every other girl and my friends were preparing for the evening, grooming and getting dressed, I was here to finish the decoration. But I was done perfectly, or maybe it's perfect in my own eyes.


When we light up the candles it became to look like this. Wonderful, no?

Now I'm gonna share another work of me. Well, it's not perfect, not even close. I have done the huge Mandala art in front of our Hall launge. The place is quite big. It was difficult to do any drawing freehand. We use a rope to draw the circle and then different color brush to draw the Alpona.


I'm really sorry for the image quality. You can understand that back then we didn't have a smartphone and it was midnight. But I'm sharing some more here!



It was Begum Rokeya Day. She was a Bengali feminist thinker, writer, educator, and political activist. It was her birthday that day and as my hall (university hostel) was named by her name so the hall management celebrates this day every year. And every year, they appoint students who have a good hand on the artwork to do the decoration.



You can see the old painting underneath our new one. It was a hard task. I did some sort of mandala, floor art, alpona before but never had any experience doing this so large. Some of my friends also helped me out.

Those were some good old days!

This quarantine gave me the change to make some space and look back on my past. I have said it much time that I embrace every part and moment of my life. It's not like my life is full of happiness and I don't have regrets. But I always try to appreciate what I have and what I have achieved.

I miss doing this type of artwork. Not even in my family function, I get the chance anymore to contribute. One reason is, in such events I get time to arrive just before the event and because of my son, it became impossible also. But I really wish I get some time to do my artwork!

I hope you like my old creations!


Much Love

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