Do You Have To Strike First? - Self Defense Tips

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When we talk about self defense, it seems that it is all about blocking and parrying in order to defend yourself. It is part of it, but it is not all about self defense.

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If you just parry and block, the attacker will keep attacking you. When you counter-attack and hit the attacker, he will think twice to attack you again. So do you have to strike first for self defense?

There are some situations where if you make your move first and strike the attacker, this could change the whole situation. In a real-life, a fight can happen pretty fast. Who makes the first move has some advantages. So based on the situation, attacking is the best defense.

When you think that the attacker will attack you anyway, and there is no way you can escape it with a view to defending yourself, you can make your move fast instead of waiting to be attacked.

Understanding the situation can help you make the decision. And you have to see what you are capable of doing in that situation. Surprise attacks can work well in some situations.

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Sometimes it is better not to get into the fight. So drop your ego and do your best to avoid the fight. For example, you are outside somewhere with your wife, and some guys make trouble. Now you have to think of your wife's safety and your safety. You might attack them but they might hurt your wife. So your wife's safety is your priority.

Do not let the attacker come in front of your wife. You can keep your wife behind you and talk to the attackers. You can draw other people's attention. And as soon as you have the opportunity, leave the place immediately.

So you have to decide how you are going to handle the situation. It can be trying to avoid the fight unless you are being attacked or attacking the attacker first. So what do you do think about that? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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