Strength Doesn't Matter In A Fight - Is It True?


Confidence is always good, but overconfidence can be dangerous. In a fight what is more important - strength or techniques? I talk about self defense techniques and how to apply them to defend yourself. It might seem that it is all about techniques that are important, and you might underestimate strength.

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People often ask questions like how to fight against a bigger and stronger opponent. People ask these questions because fighting with someone who is bigger and stronger than you is more challenging. If you fight with someone who has equal strength, you might do better. But when you fight with a bigger and stronger opponent, that's a different story.

Size and strength matter in a fight. For example, you can push someone and move him from there easily, but when you deal with someone stronger than you, probably you will end up moving your position instead of moving him by pushing.

Distance is an important factor in a fight. You maintain the distance between you and your opponent when you fight. The problem is, a big guy can strike and hit in a certain distance but you will not be able to hit him from the same distance. You cannot even reach him by punching or kicking.

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The strategy works against someone that might not work against a stronger and bigger opponent. You know the techniques, it takes strength to apply the techniques. You can attack certain points or move the attacker using your techniques, still, you have to apply your force and strength.

When you combine your strength and techniques, you can fight against a bigger and stronger opponent. To fight against a big guy, you have to move fast to get in to strike and move back fast to make the distance. Maybe the punch is so powerful, you cannot move it away, well, you can move your body while doing parry. When you move out of the rage of attack, you can defend yourself against that strike.

As soon as you get any chance, you have to counter-attack. When the bigger and stronger opponent gets hit and hurts, he will think twice before making his move to strike you again.

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When you fight for self defense, your mindset is totally different. You do not want to fight to be a champion or get the trophy. So when you see the bigger and stronger guy is in pain and you get some time, you can move from there and leave that place immediately. You do not want to stand there and keep fighting until the end.

So when you fight for self defense, never underestimate the strength. First of all, accept that you have disadvantages and then fight keeping that in mind. When you are aware of what you are doing, you can decide based on reality, and it will help you defend yourself.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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