Throwing The Attacker On The Ground (Self Defense Situation # 124)


You do not want to have any trouble and you are doing your best to avoid the fight. But sometimes you have no alternatives except making your move and stop the attacker.

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Welcome back to Self Defense Situation # 124. Every situation is different and you cannot fit one thing in every situation. What works in one situation, that might not work in another situation. When you fight for self defense, your move should be based on the situation.

It is not fun to have a fight. We always try to avoid it. In case the attacker attacks you consistently, and you see a clear sign that he wants to fight with you. Well, you can leave the place and get out of there if you can. If you cannot leave the place, then what can you do?

Let's watch this video to see a real life situation. The video credit goes to Fight SCIENCE.

Source and Video Credit

In this video, you see that the guy with a black t-shirt is an attacker and he wants to fight. The victim does not want to engage in a fight. First time, the attacker gets close to him and headbutts him. Then the attacker moves back and the way he moves back, it seems that you expect the victim will attack him. Still, the victim stays calm. He just moves one hand forward.

Again the attacker slaps him. The third time, when the attacker moves forward to attack him again, he grabs him and makes him fall on the ground. Looks like it is a shop or office. The guy with a blue shirt did his best to avoid the fight. If he wanted to attack the attack for the first time or second time, you could do that.

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You might also face similar situations in life. For some reason, you cannot fight or you do not want to fight. In this situation, you can grab and lock the attacker and move him away from there.

There can be multiple attackers. So when you face a situation like this, think of how to deal with multiple attackers. When one attacker cannot do well, other attackers might join and attack you. You can take the attacker down on the ground, but it is better to control the attacker without getting on the ground. You can sit and using your techniques, you can hold the attacker on the ground.

In case you are being attacked by multiple attackers, you can see that and respond fast to protect yourself.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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