A theft of emotions

3개월 전

A theft of emotions

Magical night of colorful lights,
between laughter and some chocolates,
cotton candy in mouths dissolve,
for a smile to see again.

Eyes that reflect colored lights,
wind gusts graze the cheeks,
stealing breath and bad thoughts,
taking out our young intern.

Assuming perhaps challenges,
in the face of euphoria to leave the fear behind,
holding on to the railing,
and then a voracious cry to escape.

Sounds like that music from my time,
my cheeks expand at once,
a child emerges in the wind,
from a carousel I see in the distance.

Smells like candy,
salty popcorn crunching on the inside,
other kids next to me smiling,
wanting to run after them.

I breathe deeply in fear,
knowing that for facing it I will escape,
leaving behind the possible fall,
steps to the challenge I will take.

Secure hands that don't stop shaking,
squinting, ignoring yesterday,
warm hands that wrap around my being,
smiling at me so I'll never be afraid again.

Alone and at the same time with him,
watching from the height of his skin,
the cold night at the end of the carousel,
in the warmth of me thinking with him.

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