"Life is One Big Cluster F@ck"...Is it really ??

4개월 전

"Life is One Big cluster f@ck" exclaimed my friend who I was having a conversation on the phone with earlier today.

You see...

he was laid off from his work as an hourly employee for a restaurant. And there is no guarantee he will get paid for these missed hours. Plus, he was griping about not being able go out and do what he normally does i.e. keeping a social distance until this Corona Virus dies down.

I thought to myself...

when he used this expletive is Life really what he says it is ??

Let's see...

  1. I still have 2 beautiful kids and a wife who are ALL relatively healthy.
  2. I still wake up each morning and watch that wonderful sun rise to the sound of chirping birds around my house !
  3. Much like my friend I am pretty healthy ( knock on wood :) )
  4. We are social distancing ourselves but we still got to go to our neighborhood park and play some basketball today as well as putting a puzzle together at home ;)
  5. I have a hearty appetite and have access to a large super sized grocery store that has most everything my family needs to thrive ( not just survive)
  6. Finally, I get to participate on a block chain that is undergoing an exciting transformation into another Chain. And I get to communicate EVERYDAY with a bunch of great global friends who make the Block Chain such a thriving Community :)

So a Cluster F@ck ??

Nah, just a Life worth living each and everyday !!

Robert Andrew 😃

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Life goes on — new wonders are continually discovered when one looks on the bright side of things! It's the small joys that make life worth living. I plan to make the most of this year no matter what.


Amen brother

I agree with your outlook, I think at this time with the virus we have to accept the reality of the situation and make adjustments to help contain the spread of the virus, but for our own mental well being we have to try and stay positive and focus on what we have and can do and not what we cannot do


Yep, cannot disagree with that

That's a great way to think about it! I think it is easy to get a little down when things are not going the way we are used to. It can be very disorienting. I am excited about the changes coming too.


Believe or not there is a small group who are not excited and want to continue on with Steem and Sun


Ah yes, I know. They are more than welcome to stay.

The activeness on this blockchain is enough to inspire someone life. My thought with your friend that was lay PFF his work

Hello man, how are you preparing for the new hive blockchain?


not really preparing, they said we would not really have to do anything that steem credentials would automatically be transferred over