Bill Gates Tips For Students While Staying Home


Bill Gates made a guest appearance during a lesson in Code Break , the world's largest interactive class , to give students some advice on how to stay focused and motivated to learn at home during the emerging Corona Virus pandemic .

In a discussion with class founder Hadi Bartovi and his daughter Sofia, Bill Gates talked about how computer programming is used to visualize data about the Corona virus, and how innovations in computer science drive medicine forward.

Bill Gates described the Corona virus as a (war) against humanity, where humanity stands fully against a common enemy and how this war provokes international cooperation and creates a common goal for humanity to work for, but for families and students around the world the transformation in daily life is difficult Especially when it comes to keeping up with school work.

"It takes a lot of discipline to learn from home, and if you feel confused, it will be a little bit more difficult to communicate," Bill Gates told students during the lesson during the question and answer section of the class.

But one of the ways Bill Gates encouraged students to adapt to the new form of home learning is to follow a regular daily routine, especially for students who have to share a computer with family members at home, Gates said: “I think having a new natural pattern and trying to stick to every day This is very useful, and discipline is very important. ”

Gates also urged students to use the resources available to them to help learn at the pace that suits them, whether it is online courses or contact a friend who better understands the material, saying: “Sharing your understanding with other students is important.” Gates also told students to spend time in Outside if they can, he said to one of the students: "You still have to go out a little if you are allowed, get refreshed so you don't confuse yourself."

Despite the difficulties caused by the Corona virus, Gates said he was optimistic about the global unity that could come from the fight against the virus, and Gates continued his saying about the world's response to the epidemic: “We have witnessed great international cooperation, and there is a great victory that will come based on the work of world scientists together” .

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