Apple Finally Reveals Plans To Ditch Intel Processors



So, recently, I had written a post talking about rumors that Apple was planning to ditch Intel and design its own processors for its computers. So, the Macbook line, the iMac line, Mac mini, and Mac Pro would all get Apple's in-house silicon.

This particular rumor has been doing the rounds for many years but every year, it was a no show. But finally, Apple announced its plan to make the switch at WWDC on June 22.

This will mark the fourth biggest change for Apple's Mac product lines. As Tim Cook noted in the keynote, Macs have gone through three big changes in its history. The first one was the move to PowerPC processors, the second was a move to Mac OS X and the third was a move to Intel processors.

Now, it seems like Apple is set to take complete control over the design of its computers. This is typical Apple style. It wants to have an end to end control over the hardware and the software so that it can design a seamless and optimized experience that Apple products are typically famous for.

The Advantages?

Every move should have an advantage, especially in the corporate world. So, what advantage will a move to in-house processors have? Well, there are plenty. Both for Apple and its customers.

For Apple, they get complete control, as mentioned above. Second, its own processors will cost a fraction of what Intel charges Apple for its processors. So, they can make billions in savings each year.

For the customers, the new Mac computers with Apple silicon will be much more powerful than even the latest Mac computers right now. Predictions for performance improvements range anywhere from 50-100%. That is A LOT in a single generation upgrade.

Next comes a really important benefit. Since Apple silicon will allow Apple to customize everything even better, battery life is predicted to be much better. Again, predictions range from 10-50%. This again, will be HUGE.

Another really cool advantage will be that Macs will be able to run iOS apps natively. That means you will be able to use all your favorite iPhone apps on your Macs without any hindrance whatsoever.

There are other benefits as well, but for the average Joe, these three are perhaps the most important. I, for one, cannot wait for the first Mac with an Apple-designed chip to be released. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later.

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