My little dream


At the end of the day, everyone wants to live like themselves, this is what every human being in the world want.The people of the world are very strange and their desires are very strange but my desires are a little different from other human beings because I always give priority to the thoughts of my own mind.I don't think it takes much to be happy, only your own will is enough to be happy.

One rainy season I went for a walk in the river area and when I crossed the middle of the river in a motor boat I went a little further and saw a small house by the river.Although the river was such that there was no possibility of water rising in the house even if there was excess water because that river was very different from the big river.When I was looking at the house, I felt like I was working very hard inside because I could see with my own eyes that my dream was coming true.When I got home from the motor boat, it felt so good that I felt like spending the night at home.The reason why this house was one of my dream houses is because my dreams are so different that I want to be surrounded by nature wherever I live and the beauty of nature I am fascinated by all the time Love so much.
I think the person who built the house is the happiest person in the world because there is no noise, no extra stress, no hassle.Because when I wake up in the morning and wake up and open the door of the house, I can see the red sun in that blue sky and the cold wind of the river will fascinate me. It really makes me think as much as I imagine it.Happiness is really different in this world. Happiness is very different for me because I love nature and try to learn from the real thing so I think it is wise to learn from nature to be happy in this world.
This house may not have a lot of modern facilities but what is in this house but I think this house has a lot more than other houses because it captures the boundless beauty of nature which is not found in other houses.If I ever want to build a house in the future, I will build a house that will be in the middle of nature, from where I can see the real beauty of nature and satisfy my dissatisfied mind well with the magic of nature.20200812_20565101.jpeg

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