The Condition Here In INDIA Is Worsening RAPIDLY ! | #covid-19 #pandemic

Today the situation entire world is going through is really of Benetton and each of the country is having different types of face and deal with the end result of them is pretty much predictable whether they are going to make out of it or they are going to suffer a lot of losses in that is variable in various aspects.


If I specifically talk about case of India then it is going to be really hard voltage because each day the cases in India are saying new Heights and the grass are display not stopping by the only way is up that is what the graph showing and that is also one of the biggest sources of worried for the Government of the country because they are also fighting really hard against the decision they are taking display a lot of mixed type of things.


For example when today the entire country is suffering so badly from the coronavirus Bandhan we are still under lockdown but still the government is giving relaxation to a lot of aspect of the country such as businesses Industries as well as transportation. So what is the reason behind lock down then for how does the opening of transportation go with the lock down??


The point of worry for the citizens of India is that India is not so much of a rich country its points are pretty much Limited and the population to deal with here is relief medicine we are the second biggest populous country of the world and when a panda make like this you are going to today strike we are really badly affected because alloted aspects are destroyed all at once.


And keeping all of these factors in mind the decision of government that they are taking with in this time they are quite confusing. Government of any country is one of those sources where the citizens of the nation trust the most and I having faith that they are going to get them out of any situation there get into and their going to receive help from them whenever delete a part in the case of India it is quite different we are saying that a lot of people are getting back to the home on their own and that you on their own food they have been a lot of places like this that people have travelled thousands of climate is away from the home in order to reach home because a lot of problems never facing other places where they were riding because they went there for job purpose and as the long-term has been initiated there is no source of income of transportation so there is why they have to go back to their home on their own foot to be alive.


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