This Is WHO Are REALLY Gonna BE Responsible For The END Of This World !

In this world a lot of speculations are made about the end of this world the complete description and because of that the reason that most of the people put is that the terrorist as well as all these things which are not been done the proper way like the example with dimension as well as the illegal things which are going on as well as the quality and Order of the negative aspect which are going on there gonna be the reasons why the world will end.


But do you really feel that these are going to be proven the factors of the end of the world.

Where if you ask me then I will say that I don't feel these are going to be those factors which are going to be responsible for the end of this world where as the thing I feel is that the end of this world is not going to be happening because of those people which are doing wrong thing what is going to be because of those people who are knowing that some wrong things are been going on but still they are not doing anything they are just the witness of the situation.

We all do see that a lot of people are noticing something is wrong and that is happening in front of them but the thing that they do is nothing that do not react in anyway motion is that and they are going to be the reason for the end of this world.

If you go by statistics then you will see that all of these activities which I mentioned earlier like the illegal things the terrorist those things that percentage of people in comparison to the entire world is really negligible but the percentage that matters is the one which is the bigger one which is the witnesses which do not act in any situation.

And this thing will just some up and at the end of the day it will be the biggest reason for the end of the world because everyone knew that the world is going to end but no one did anything and everyone let the world to end and the witnesses are the one who are responsible for all of these is not the one who initiated the progress is the people who do not try to stop them.

So what do you think about this aspect

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