WORDS Are Permanent And ARE Irreparable ! | Use Them SUPER Wisely !!

In our lives words are having enormous value then what we even think they are having but at the end of the day there having enormous power sum of which we are able to understand but most of it is going about the probability of our understanding but whatever you understand or not they do what they are doing best at.

All life is just like a pencil sketch we are getting our life with the pencil pencil aw words the only difference between a pencil sketch in our life is that whenever we commit a mistake or something which we did which we do not wanted to we can erase it with the help of an eraser but in the case of a life we are not having that eraser in our life but what we once did is kept their forever there is no amendments that we can do there is nothing you can do to be completely extinguishing what we did.

Therefore becomes very important to be extremely careful about each of the word reacting because from a single word for a thousand meaning can be derived and there is what can be the source of the reason for the problem to arise for the reason for a faltering relationship for any kind of issue that we face in our life they can be the reason for anything.


Once we have spoken a word it becomes completely impossible to be getting that would back in our mouth but the thing that is going to happen is the repercussions because of that word which we spoke. Words are having destructive values and their also having enormous positive strength as well.


It solely depends on how it is used and when it is used this factors does strength and the usage of the world is coming to an end result which can be the positive one or it can be the destructive one is well with only depends on how u used it and when you use did and whom against used it.

What do you think about this aspect

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