Earth is celebrating Earth day

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Today is Earth day and the hole world is under lockdown so if anyone is free to celebrate this Earth day is then it’s Earth only. Today this is 50th Earth day & believe it or not among these 50 years this is most happiest Earth day for Earth.


We always called like Mother Earth, Mother Nature but haven’t treated Earth and nature like mother we always finding more easy ways to destroy them and that’s what we are getting in back, this is karma. Learn something human. There are few people who are fighting for this but they are just few and they can’t fight with governments.

That’s why I am saying this Earth day is celebrated by Earth only. You have seen so many data that proves that the pollution is down dramatically and that’s good for everyone in this small Period of time Earth is very happy because after decades Earth got this opportunity before 2020 it happens in 2008 but that is small period of time but now Earth got long weekend to do so,

Look at this comparison which show before lockdown and after lockdown pollution level


I am not going to show a lots of data which show that how pollution is deceasing we all are in lockdown do search it. The thing I am trying to tell you that these small gap of time is enough to decrease so much pollution levels humans can do this by implementing strict laws but we always failed to do so, if we are unable to do so then we ready to see more bad consequences in future because this time Earth got breathing time due to human error but if Earth takes this own there own rules then it will be baddest then ever before.

Humans have willpower to do so but we are waiting for the day when Earth will start fighting for there rights and we have to give that rights back to Earth because at that time we don’t have anything in options but at this time we have so many options left to go with which will harm less to Earth and give enough time to Earth to recover damages done by us.

But we all know what’s going to happen after the lockdowns end pollution will increase dramatically as all companies all over the world going to work with 100% power which will hit hard Earth ecosystems more badly. So after this lockdown ends will be go back to past like conditions where pollution is so high and cities are like hell for humans to breath.

The funda is simple let earth breath, So we can breath on earth

The situation we are in is our karma nothing more than that, if we doesn’t take lessons from this the the apocalypse is waiting near.

Seeing humans this is the best thought I got,
We doesn’t need anything that can destroy earth, because we are enough to destroy it

At the end happy earth day it’s our responsibility to keep Earth safe and make it haven for human again.

Thanks for reading this and spread this things,

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