Life in a Quarantine Centre - Day 02

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After sleeping for just three hours, they woke me up and told me that I was to be deported to a quarantine center close to the place I live. Breakfast had been served an hour ago but no one woke me up for that. I didn't want to get up as my sleep was incomplete but I had no other option. I came out of the room and they were announcing my name on the microphone. I went there and they told me to pack my bags as I had to leave for a quarantine center.


I was carrying two luggage bags and a backpack and one of the luggage bags was too heavy as it contained my books. I was barely able to move them but no one came to help and they kept shouting "hurry up hurry up" on the microphone. I somehow managed to reach there and I saw a "Tavera" which has 9 seats and 8 of them were filled.

They were pissing on the face of social distancing and they asked me to get into the vehicle but I refused and told them this is not how it should be done. They said that your place is less than a kilometer away and you will be the first one to get off this vehicle. It was so disgusting to hear it from the officials and I told the other people in the car to get down as they were more prone to Covid-19 if they traveled like this.


One of the officials tried silencing me by raising his tone but I told him I will get into the car if he would accompany us. But as expected, he didn't agree and started making excuses that he has work to do. One person got down from the vehicle and joined my cause. They were forced to arrange another vehicle as one more person joined us soon. It felt like I have achieved something but I was really angry at that moment as some greedy people were playing with our lives just to fill their own pockets.

The second vehicle arrived within 10 minutes and we sat in it and this time there were only 3 of us. It just took us 5 minutes to reach the quarantine center and we unloaded our luggage and entered a small government school.


As soon as I saw the room where we were to stay, it just made me sick. There was nothing, no bed, torn mat, windows with no glasses, and doors that never closed. Besides, there were already a few people under quarantine and the official in charge there told us that 3 people will be living in one room. It was a very small room but I was very tired, so I sat down on that torn mat and thought to myself that I will protest again once I eat something.

To be continued....

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