Will Additional Security Measures Prevent Twitter From Being Hacked!


Twitter has vowed to implement more security measures to its platform after the mass hack which saw 130 celebrity accounts being hacked. Twitter said in a statement that they are continuously investigating the case.


Twitter said that they failed the users and are they are embarrassed as they couldn't prevent Twitter accounts from being hacked. They have some leads but I think it will be very difficult to track the hackers.

Twitter is now trying to add more security in order to prevent such hacks in the future. The implementation of new security features will cost them millions of dollars but no matter what they do, all centralized systems are vulnerable to attacks.

Maybe they will prevent some hacks by adding these additional security measures but they can not prevent all the attacks. Tomorrow, a much bigger and more advanced group of hackers will again attack it and they might be successful in their attempt.

I believe that no matter what they do, Twitter will still be vulnerable to attacks. As long as they don't make it decentralized, attacks will keep on happening and such incidents will keep repeating themselves.

A centralized server is hosted in one place and if hackers get control over it, the whole system comes under threat. While in the case of the decentralized system, there are plenty of servers and they are located in different places and even if a few are compromised, others can secure the chain. Hackers can not hack all the servers in a decentralized system.

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