Compass and Life Ring

2개월 전


You won't actually see the compass in these pictures. But without the compass the name of the post sounds less beautiful and stops being a quote that comes to mind instantly when you see a lifeline hanging on the wall.


I wrote this headline and found myself in a difficult situation. It's a line from a song by Russian rock musician Boris Grebenshikov. Translating songs by this author is a futile task. The meaning of these songs is lost even if you just listen to them carefully. They are perceived as something meaningful only thanks to the associations emerging the listeners and for translation it is necessary to reveal the context in great detail. Honestly, this is pointless work.


So I'll just show you the pictures. You can't link them to the song I told about, but you'll probably remember something of yours. It's very likely that your memories and associations will be more interesting than things I could try to tell you.


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