Autocad 3D Modelling: Capt. America's Vibranium Shield

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Screenshot 361.png

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Hello Steemians!

After making the iconic hammer of Thor, lets now go over to the indestructible shield of Capt. America, the Vibranium-alloy combination shield. It may not be the strongest weapon of Marvel Universe but it's surely be one of the useful weapon especially in its indestructible power and the properties to withstand machinery or human force on common condition.

After the Endgame movie, the shield was turned-over to Falcon whose known now as the Captain Falcon.


The process of modeling this design is very easy.

First, create the arc shape of the shield, 2 intersecting arc lines. Apply sweep tool to one of those lines.

Screenshot 351.png

It will be like this.
Screenshot 352.png

Then next is to create the whole design of the shield. Create 4 concentric circles and a pentagon for the star design.
Screenshot 358.png

Get a pair of circles from the design to create the first layer of the shield. Thicken the firstf figure you created then make two copies on similar position.
Screenshot 354.png

Extrude the first 2 circles you placed at the bottom of the first figure then. Apply intersection one by one. One arc place paired to one circle you paired.
Screenshot 355.png
After getting the arc shapes with thickness, apply subtract tool.
Screenshot 356.png
It will be like the figure below.
Screenshot 357.png

Do the same until you got the whole 5 parts complete in form.
Screenshot 359.png
Apply right colors. Then assemble the parts into one. Use the 1 single point to coincide all parts in one.
Screenshot 360.png

There you have it, your Vibranium Shield!


Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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