Autocad 3D Modelling: Chess Piece - Queen

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Hello Everyone!

I'm done with the strongest piece in the game of Chess, the Queen. Among all pieces, this piece is the strongest, the one's beside with the King to protect. That's why we always say women are most dominant than men. lol!

Anyway, the queen moves in all direction of chess board. It can move diagonally, vertically and horizontally but can never jump over some pieces to capture another piece. If by any chance your queen piece is captured, you can have it back if one of your pawns manage to get through the enemy's first block line and gets a promotion. You can choose among other chess piece or officials not just the queen.


I create the half outline of the figure.
Screenshot 298.png

I created two, tho main body and the crown on top.
Screenshot 299.png

Actually, It's the head of the queen that consists the whole crown design.
Screenshot 300.png

Adding the top design for the head. It's like a top.
Screenshot 301.png

Then I created channels that formed the crown of the queen. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how would I do it.
Screenshot 302.png

The finished one, with added materials.
Screenshot 304.png

Work in Progress

One more piece and it will be complete.


Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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I wonder how much time does it take to complete a piece ?


Usually it took me less than an hour if I don't have any reference or guide image. The most important components in remodeling is the scale and measurement of the figure.

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