Autocad 3D Modelling: Excalibur

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Hello Steemians!

I have another piece of 3D design that I wanna share to you today. It's the Excalibur sword. One of the many famous swords(if not the most) that we commonly know. And it's already given that whenever we hear the name of this sword, a person suddenly comes into our mind and that's the legendary, King Arthur.

I bet ya'll know the story behind that sword and to it's mighty owner. So, lets get going.


There are a lot of version of this sword, from comics to movies. That's why I did my own version of it but with some inspiration from other figures.

To start, create the handle of the sword. Do it by creating the outline of the handle with use of some circles and a little imagination.
Screenshot 391.png

Screenshot 392.png

Screenshot 393.png

Create also some of the details present in the handle if you want.
Screenshot 394.png

Screenshot 395.png

In this part, copy another figure of the handle and alice it into 3 parts. This will give a variation of materials applied on the handle.
Screenshot 396.png

Screenshot 397.png

Screenshot 398.png

Create the middle part figure of the sword. I simply made this thru lines as guides and some squares aligned concentric.
Screenshot 399.png

Screenshot 400.png

Then apply loft tool
Screenshot 401.png
And fillet tool to soften sharp edges.
Screenshot 402.png
This is how the handle will look like.
Screenshot 403.png
From here, I'll make the blades.
Screenshot 404.png

Screenshot 405.png
Be reasonable with your measurement. Apply taper tool and so on to get the righy shape of the blade.
Screenshot 406.png

Screenshot 407.png

Screenshot 408.png

Screenshot 409.png
Apply materials and combined those figures into one. You're done!
Screenshot 410.png


Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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