Autocad 3D Modelling: Hofund Sword of Heimdall (MCU Weapons)

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Hello Steemians!

Today's featured MCU weapon is the Hofund sword or sometimes called the Bifrost sword. The sword is owned by Heimdall, an Asgardian guarding the Bifrost bridge where one of his duties is to open the portal of the bridge to connect or transport anything from any other location of the 9 Realms. Aside from using the sword to open the portal, the sword is also blest by Odin himself with some powers to protect the Asgard.


Tools: Spline, Trim, Loft, Mirror, Union, Subtract, Fillet, etc.

Creating the bottom part of the handle.
Screenshot 434.png

Screenshot 435.png

Screenshot 436.png

Creating the handle.
Screenshot 437.png

Screenshot 438.png

Screenshot 439.png

Screenshot 440.png

Connecting the first two figures.
Screenshot 441.png

Creating the middle section of thesubject.
Screenshot 442.png

Screenshot 443.png

Screenshot 444.png

Screenshot 445.png

Screenshot 446.png

Attaching the middle section to the main object.
Screenshot 447.png

Creating the rest of the sword, from the middle to the tip.
Screenshot 448.png

Screenshot 449.png

Screenshot 450.png

Screenshot 451.png

Combining and adding colors and materials.
Screenshot 452.png

Screenshot 453.png

Finished output!
Screenshot 454.png

Screenshot 455.png

Do you have some ideas or things you want me to design? Comment them below and I will look into it. :)

Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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