Autocad 3D Modelling: Mutant Conversion Machine

6개월 전

3DMutant Conversion MachineModel.png

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Hello Steemians!

Been looking at weapons or items from x-men lately but nothing seems to be interesting to do. So, I end up creating my first environment design of the mutant conversion machine. From the name itself, this machine converts ordinary people into a mutant, changing their gene structure in the hope of activating mutant abilities. But the opposite of the goal was achieved, it turned out to be a killer machine.


This may not be the most challenging design to do so but for me, it was a good shot to try different styles and genres in autocad designing especially in rendering environments. Still, I didn't apply to generate render output on the last part of this design. My laptop can't keep with the gpu requirements because as of the moment, the graphics of my laptop is corrupted.

But anyway, here are the steps of my design.

First, I notice that the whole figure on the design is in circular shape. So I structured the outline by creating circles as its bases.
Screenshot 483.png

Screenshot 484.png

Then I start up by making the middle part.
Screenshot 485.png

Down to the lower part of the design.
Screenshot 486.png

Next, I made a circular design(ring) around the middle.
Screenshot 487.png

Screenshot 488.png

Screenshot 489.png

Screenshot 490.png

Screenshot 491.png

Screenshot 492.png

Screenshot 493.png
As you can see, it is not quite hard to remodel this mutant machine
Screenshot 494.png

The last part is the 2nd circular design but it is cut into 60% of the total ring area.
Screenshot 495.png

Screenshot 496.png

Screenshot 497.png
Finalizing the whole design and adding some extra details.
Screenshot 498.png

Screenshot 499.png

Applying colors and lighting for the final figure.
Screenshot 500.png

Do you have some ideas or things you want me to design? Comment them below and I will look into it. :)

Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.



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