Autocad 3D Modelling: Staff of One (MCU Weapons)

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Hello Steemians!

Today's featured 3D design is the Staff of One from Marvel Universe. The staff of One is also considered as one of the powerful weapons of MCU and in terms of magic, it ranks on the top spot for me. But it is also the hardest weapon to master and while it requires a proficient individual, acquiring the power of the staff is quite complicated. Once the staff has been linked into its master, it can only be activated one at a time by calling its name in different languages. You can never use the same language twice or more.

What I like about designing these MCU magical weapons is the grasp I'm getting whenever I do look for their designs online. I get to know their true powers, how powerful they are and their owners if they belong to villains or heroes. So far, I haven't featured any villain weapon, but let see if I can make one. :)


I tried to put more detailing lines and shapes for this design because it's not that hard to make it in terms of its overall structure.

To start, Create the ring form of the staff by outlining its solid form and applying revolve tool.

Screenshot 413.png

Screenshot 414.png

The resulting figure is shown below.
Screenshot 415.png

The details are quite a challenge for me to create. I just try to be more consistent with its original form.
Screenshot 416.png
I made a thread like solids that will be wrapped around the ring.
Screenshot 417.png

Screenshot 418.png
The resulting figure is shown below.
Screenshot 419.png

In this part, I made the mid part of the staff.
Screenshot 420.png

Screenshot 421.png

Screenshot 422.png

I also added some details for this part.
Screenshot 423.png

Screenshot 424.png
Fitting the two parts I created.
Screenshot 428.png

In the next steps, I created the bottom part down to the end of the staff
Screenshot 429.png

Screenshot 430.png

Screenshot 431.png
Now, I attached the three figures into one
Screenshot 432.png
Adjusting lighting and angle. It's done, the Staff of One.
Screenshot 433.png

Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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