Autocad 3D Modelling: Thor's Mjolnir

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my 3D design guide where I model various things in 3D using Autocad Application. Today's new item, is the god of thunder's favorite hammer, the Mjolnir(pronounce as myolner). Mjolnir is Thor's first weapon before Stormbreaker (which I will model and share soon). It is said to be the weapon for worthy being and only the worthy hero can lift it up like Capt. America :D

But anyway, let's head over now to the process.


Create 3 separate parts of the subject. First is the top view part which is also similar to the bottom view so you just need to copy that part to attach it to the bottom.

Here, create the top view of the hammer.
Screenshot 330.png
Apply chamfer tool on its vertices and offset another similar figure. Apply loft tool and it should be the same as shown below.
Screenshot 331.png

Now this part is for your creativity. This part is one of the designs of the hammer. I made it on my own as the original design is definitely not clear to observe.
Screenshot 335.png

Screenshot 336.png

Then attach it to the first figure. Be keen to the details of the subject.
Screenshot 337.png

Next is the 2nd figure, the body. Get the outer outline of the hammer and set appropriate measurement for its length
Screenshot 338.png
Apply loft tool and you're done with the body. You can also use extrusin tool.
Screenshot 339.png

Screenshot 340.png
Assemble the 2 figures. 2 copies for the first an 1 copy for the 2nd figure.
Screenshot 341.png

This part is the body's design of the hammer. Again, be creative.
Screenshot 343.png

Screenshot 344.png
Embed it on the body of the hammer then apply subtract tool to generate markings.
Screenshot 345.png
This part is the handle, the 3rd figure of the subject.
Screenshot 346.png
Simply make it using cylinder tool then add the thread like handle by create a sweeping line to a helical line. The helical line should be the same height with the handle bar and the same outer and inner radius.
Screenshot 347.png

Screenshot 348.png

Then lastly, add the materials and colors needed to complete the design.

Screenshot 349.png


Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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