Autocad 3D Modelling: Thor's Stormbreaker

2년 전

Screenshot 388.png

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Hello Steemians!

If you haven't seen the Mjolnir design I created last day, check it out on the links listed above. As I mentioned on that post, I said that I was going to share to you the Stormbreaker 3D design after the Mjolnir, and here it is!

This is probably the hardest design I did as I didnt find the best guide of the Stormbreaker or its close look image. I'm not that expert in autocad but I really try my best to produce this design similar to the original one. I did all the possible estimation of its sizes and shapes but I think, it didn't end pretty well. What do you think?

Let's take a look on what I did.


So for this design,I divided the figure into 7 parts. Yes 7 parts to complete this design. Like I said, I'm not really that expert in this but I always look for ease of designing and that includes into making parts to complete the main output.

First part is the head of the figure and this is the top view.
Screenshot 362.png

The details are easy to produce. Apply lofting and extrusion of the circle.
Screenshot 364.png
Next is part is the bigger body near the head.
Screenshot 365.png
Simply, extrude the formed shape and apply taper tool on its four faces on the lateral side.
Screenshot 366.png

Screenshot 367.png
It should be like this.
Screenshot 368.png
Connect the first figure and second one. Design the additional details needed.
Screenshot 369.png
Next is the middle body, connecting the head and sharp edge. Get the measurement of the tapered bigger body as the reference.
Screenshot 370.png
I just made my own design for this figure. The image I made as a guide is not clear to observe the shape and orientation of the figure.
Screenshot 371.png
Connect it to the main figure.
Screenshot 372.png
Next is making the sharp edge of the Stormbreaker.
Screenshot 375.png
I created two parts for this
Screenshot 376.png
I extruded the first part then on the second part, I made a 3D plane having the same shape of a sharp edge axe and applied sweep tool.
Screenshot 377.png
Choose the outer line as the path of sweeping.
Screenshot 381.png
The resulting image will be like this.
Screenshot 382.png
For the details, I just went by my own observation of the reference image. Add those details to the sharp figure.
Screenshot 383.png
Combine the parts.
Screenshot 384.png
Now this part is for creating the handle. The handle of the original figure is quite complicated so what I did is only have its shape closely similar to the original one.
Screenshot 385.png

Screenshot 386.png
Also, I made the last part for the holder, the figure that holds the middle of the subject and is connected to the handle.
Screenshot 387.png

Now the final design. Yep, maybe not the best remodeled design but I happy with the result. I believe there's always room for improvement though. :D
Screenshot 390.png


Thank you for dropping by. Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"

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