My introduceyourself POST in steemit


Hello guys.. How are you all? I am new to steemit. I want to say something before I give my own introduction.I will tell you the reason why I came in steemit.


Reason For Joining To steemit

I learned from a friend that one can talk about oneself at steemit and show one's creativity to everyone. This is the main reason why I come to steemit where I can talk about my lifestyle.

Who Am I

I am a very ordinary girl. I am a darling daughter of my parents. My name is Nahin Rukeiya Jhumur. I'm not doing anything right now. I want to do something for my family. I want to support my family.


My Family

4 members of my family my father, my mother, my brother, and me.My father and mother both work in the government.My younger brother is studying in AFMC( Medical College).We have a very happy family.

My brother and my mother

My Father And Me

My brother and me

My Academic Background

I passed SSC in 2014 and HSC in 2016. Now I am studying CSE at BANGLADESH ARMY UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Currently i am fourth year student.

What Is My Hobby?

Everyone has their own hobbies. I also have some hobbies like that, which I always do, I am sharing them with you.I like to cook. I like to watch TV. I like to do gardening. I like to do my handiwork.I like reading books in my spare time.


You can Find me on


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It's a great day as I have the privilege of meeting you here! But since you are interested in something built on the blockchain, would love to see you on Commun as well: There you can set up your own community with your own token and get donations from the first day 😇

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Welcome to steem.

I look forward to reading more bout you :)

Another cool thing about blockchain blogging is that it is free and all of your information is stored.

Welcome to steemit from me in New Zealand
great first post!

If you ever need to ask any questions about this place let me know.

Keep posting great content like this and you will be fine :)

Hello @tonimaa, I'm @mariita52 from Steem greeters.
Glad to see your post, sit at home.
You do very beautiful work.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Steemit, here are some tips!

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Always feel at home and have fun!

Bienvenida a steemit @tonimaa

Welcome to steem.

Hi @tonimaa welcome to steem community. Hope you will like it here in steemit. Checkout @steemingcurators for tips and guide for newuser getting around steemit. Let me know if you have any question regarding steemit. Keep steeming!

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