The Diary Game 100 Daysofsteem - 23/06/2020

3개월 전

Today is a day very hot in Ha Noi, temperature on road 63'C, going on road very hot.

I wakeup at 8:00 AM because very hot and noise of my friends.
have a breakfast with noodle and meat, onion


Breakfasted, i go to hospital for visit my uncle. His is broken leg

After visiting my uncle, I returned home and got ready for lunch. Today i have a lunch alone. So i have a lunch basic


Rice with pumpkin and meat leaf roll

12:50. Go to sleep noon....

In afternoon, i go to library in my university for read books and listening music relax.

18:00 Comeback motel room and prepare dinner

I had buy food and vegetables in market near my room

This is my dinner


Now, i listening music, and will sleep. Have a good night

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