The beauty of nature after the cold wave.

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IMG_20200109_085456 11.jpg

Hello Friends.

In this post I try to cover the beauty of nature after the cold wave. 1st photograph I capture the layers of mountain and amazing formation of clouds in sky. This photograph is contains the beautiful elements of nature. I also try to capture the trees with snow it looks like tree have white leaves. It is makes this photograph beautiful. This is really beautiful view of Mountain and cloudy white sky. real example of nature beauty. Only god can make such an incredible nature. It is Fresh clear and awesome weather over there. Foggy Mountains make this photograph more beautiful.

IMG_20200109_091506 22.jpg

2nd photograph I try to capture small house with trees and mountain layers. This is really beautiful place with full of nature beauty and snow. The mountain layers in back ground makes this photograph awesome.

IMG_20200109_084435 33.jpg

3rd photograph I capture trees without leaves. The snow on tree branches makes this photograph beautiful. Here it looks like trees have white color. This is really beautiful view of nature.

IMG_20200109_073717 44.jpg

4th photograph I try to capture tree with snow on leaves and tree branches. Trees are the beautiful gift by god to all of us. So please respect the trees and Plant at list one tree for save out beautiful earth. In These photographs I try to capture beautiful trees and the beauty of our nature.

IMG_20200109_083628 55.jpg

5th photograph I try to capture the cold environment with mountains, trees and sky with full of clouds. This is beautiful in view as it is hard for live. This place is the heaven on the earth. I hope you like it. I have shared some more photographs in cold life.

IMG_20200109_083632 66.jpg

These photographs are taken from vivo 1804 F/1.8 Focal length 4mm.

If you like these photographs then please upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs.

Thanks for visit friend.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Really needed a winter like this, love the first 2 shots, the other ones are a little to busy for me :)

Its very great shot and moment my friend :)

Must have been so invigorating up there and such beautiful shots


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Such incredleble shots and amazing envirement 😊 makes me wish for the snow.. First year that we didn't get ANY snow where I live. Strange but I guess things are changing all over.
Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures, made me smile.

Have a wonderful sunday. Cheers!

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I glad you like this place. Thank for support my friend..


Really beautiful pictures and worth ctedits 😉 have a wonderful evening my friend. Cheers! 🌹

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